Recently, I attended the international day conference Kunstforum Zürich. This year’s topic was «Building a Museum for Next Generations». Below, I present some quotes which particularly caught my attention.


Pipilotti Rist

“The ideal museum for me: many small museums decentralised.” 

“I choose to “go undercover” to mingle with the audience of my exhibition. I learn a lot: how people react to my works; I involve them in a discussion.” 

“One fact, I’ve been thinking about lately a lot is: how can you raise children to be confident and self-assured, without thinking they are god.”

“I want to transform a sterile art space into an intimate and familiar environment where people feel welcome and free. It shall have something calming, meditative.”

“We are reptiles, we are an animal species. People tend to forget that.”

Wolfgang Ullrich

“The age of the passive museums visitor has passed, to be superseded by the age of the active producers and discriminating “consumer”. Visitors are nowadays defined into target groups.”

“Each museum visit nowadays provides a new opportunity to produce social capital.”

“Digital developments such as apps and the vast growth of social media have brought up a new role and reality for museums: art is increasingly being socialised and has turned into a recyclable material for museums.”

Sarah Kenderdine

“New means of technology enable innovative frameworks for public engagement with cultural heritage and at the same time solve problems of data complexity.

“The use of cutting-edge immersive 3D visualization in museums becomes a facilitator of learning and socialisation.”

Christian Brändle

“Many recent developments currently shape the Museum of Design, Zürich including: the revitalisation of the main location on Ausstellungsstrasse 60, the eMuseum.ch platform (where everyone can “be your his/her own curator”) and the addition of the Pavillon Le Corbusier to the museum in 2019.”

All in all, a very inspiring conference and with a great cause: to revive and enrich art spot Zurich.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Andreas Ritter says:

    Thank you Andy!


    1. ANDY HERMANN says:

      Thanks for having me!


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