PETER SCHWERI AND GRÉGORY SUGNAUX – MENTAL MASK Peter Schweri and Grégory Sugnaux – Mental Mask

Curated with Marco Antonini

Opening February 18, 6-9pm
Open Thu – Sat, 12-6pm, or by appointment

Zollikerstrasse 249, 8008 Zurich

Mental Mask, an exhibition that brings together works by two Swiss artists that will never have a chance to meet but, likely would have both been intrigued by each other’s practice. Grégory Sugnaux (*1989); his psychotic, trembling portraits; and the unpinnable Peter Schweri (1939 – 2016); his daring, artists’ artist persona, diffracted everywhere.

The exhibition is coinciding with a forthcoming publication of Peter Schweri by Nieves


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