As someone creative from nature and with an aim to support, explore and identify young artistic talent , I certainly had to attend the ADC Creative Week.

The ADC Switzerland held its annual Creative Week with the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) from 27 March to 1 April. National and international experts from the areas of art direction, illustration & graphic design, discussed topics related to this year’s motto “Story rules” including: Jessica Walsh, Mario Pricken, Paul Snowden, Domenico Blass and Javier Jaén. At the same time, the ADC judges publicly evaluated the submitted works.

The Creative Week took place at the premises of the ZHdK, while the gala took place at the Halle 622 in Zürich-Oerlikon, a breathtaking former factory building lit in pink colours. This year’s motto was “Unicorns & Explosions”, and it didn’t fail to impress.

“Unicorns & Explosions” at Halle 622

The jury, lead by ADC Switzerland President Frank Bodin, Advertiser of the Year 2009, evaluated 655 works and concluded to the following winners:
Gold :
HC Davos – Bandenbingo“ by FCB Zürich, category promotion & events
Kunstmusem Basel – Lichtfries“ by iart ag, category creative media
SWISS – Made of Switzerland” by Publicis, category photography & illustration
Tier im Recht – Müllsäcke“ by Ruf Lanz, category placards
Open Air Gampel” by Shining Pictures, category film

The only Evergreen award winner:
WOZ – Leisten Sie sich eine eigene Meinung“ by Leo Burnett

Stiftung Tier im Recht – Ruf Lanz – Anniversary campaign

Being recently named Ambassador of the Swiss Museums Pass, what particularly caught my attention was the „Kunstmusem Basel – Lichtfries“ . The facade of the new building for the Kunstmuseum Basel produces its effect through the symbiosis of stone and light: a three-metre-high frieze encircles the building at a height of twelve metres. The light frieze was designed by Christ & Gantenbein in collaboration with iart to be an integral part of the architecture.

Kunstmuseum Basel – Lichtfries

Moreover, I particularly liked the involvement of the students of the ZHdk in the Creative Week: the Department of Visual Communication created & designed the presence of the Creative Week. Cast Audiovisual Media documented the week & managed the social media channels, while the module Type & Motion created and produced all category-openers of the Awards Ceremony. 

Finally, I chatted to several stakeholders of the week, including creative Paul Snowden, one of the speakers. The main message I took away was that, no matter what you build or create, just do it. At the same time it is important not be afraid to try out new ventures: often they don’t work out, but sometimes they do.

Next event:

The opening vernissage of the ADC Web-App and Yearbook 2017 in cooperation with Migros and persönlich takes place Friday, 16. June from 18 to 21 o’clock at the ADC Gallery.  Save the date!

Take care & write to you soon.

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Photos: Jan Bolomey

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