Volvo Art Session “Human Meets Digital” took place 12. – 14. October at Schiffbau Zurich. The inspiring event also celebrated the launch of the new compact SUV XC40. I attended the 6. VAS and share with you my vast impressions.

Andy meets Warhol at VAS 2017. Shot by artist & photographer Sebastian Magnani


Volvo Art Session (VAS) has made a name for itself as a forum for international and national artists, designers and progressive thinkers. This year Volvo Art Session under motto “Human Meets Digital” touched the growing and increasingly powerful link between humans and technology. After a warm welcome by Natalie Robyn, Managing Director at Volvo Car Switzerland, renowned futurist and Time magazine Influential 100 Honoree Martin Lindstrom held an inspiring speech talking about the pros and cons of the increasing digitalisation and its impact on humans. Martin made his points in a well-structured, humorous presentation clear( I particularly liked his story about playing with LEGO as a kid and how in later year’s he shaped the strategy of the firm). His conclusion was that we (as well as brands and marketeers) should start focussing more on humans, their behaviour and emotions. And that these “small data” are what make a difference in the end. The peril of getting lost in an idealised digital world is great and technology and social media is only supporting that fact. Thus, the role of technology should be to amplify the human dimensions.

Also, a breathtaking part of the session was the show: a powerful mix of design, art and innovative technology underlying #HumanmeetsDigital”. It was implemented by flora & fauna visions (Leigh Sachwitz) on behalf of EQAL. I have never before experienced such a a unique blend of disciplines (dancers Afina Feodossiadi and Daniel Asamoah to a choreography by Jeffrey Jimenez and music by Dariuz Voltra). I was transferred into an electric and gripping mood which was also underlined by stunning light laser art.


At its opening on the 12.10, Schiffbau in Zurich was transformed into a genuine “Session of Art, Exchange & Innovation”. Approximately 350 invited guests attended the venue which featured an exhibition by art collective Refrakt from Berlin as well as a light installation by the discipline of interaction design of the ZHdK in cooperation with Lucid. The installation was called «Through Momentum»: under the artistic lead of Joël Gähwiler and Moritz Kemper, it reflected the aspects of digitisation in a playful way. The installation featured a grid of 48 light objects hanging from the ceiling; as soon as someone enters the installation they “interact” with the spectator.

Andy Meets Warhol experiencing «Through Momentum» with artist & photographer Sebastian Magnani


While entering Schiffbau, my attention fell on the new Volvo XC40 in a red colour. The same model in a shiny white colour was also featured in another part further inside the venue. What I really liked about this car was the urban and compact character of it, the smart use of spaces as well as innovative features such as a car sharing app and a really cool two-tone finish (Ian Kettle, the designer of the car mentioned that it makes the car’s design even more vivid). As someone living in a city as Zurich, I think it is the perfect car to safely use both in the city as well as on (weekend) getaways to the mountains or museums and galleries in other cities. Its price begins at 35.000 CHF.


Definitely an interesting initiative by Volvo Switzerland and a cudos for all involved in coordinating and brining such a diverse programme to life (+an international team of artists, influencers, key players from around the globe).

Also, thanks for the warm assistance of all attendees.

I’m already curious for next year’s event.

Take care & write to you soon.

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25hours Pocket Universe

Standing out in the urban jungle of Zurich is the brand-new 25hours Hotel at Zürich Langstrasse. Living like an urban nomad in between of the redlight district of Langstrasse and the established Europaallee in Zurich by getting involved in the hotel’s art & design philosophy described as POCKET UNIVERSE.


As someone who loves art, innovation and with a passion for exploration, the new hotel of the 25hours Hotel group took my breath away from the very first moment I entered the door. The way the venue blends cultures, the urban, cosmopolitan and ran down atmosphere of the Langstrasse,  with the upscale, renowned financial district of Zurich is astonishing. The hotel group itself is no stranger to me since I have worked with the team on mobility and innovation projects before.

Art by Tobias Rehberger

I would certainly describe the  25hours Hotel Zürich Langstrasse as a tiny cosmos within Zurich, something unique and ever evolving which has never been before, perfectly fitting into this location.

The 25 Hours Hotel Langstrasse

  • 170 guest rooms in sizes M, L and XL as well as two suites
  • Located on Europaalle, at one of the nodal points in the current urban development project, next to the Central Station of Zurich
  • Artist in residence project: studio “Message Salon Embassy” curated & lead by Esther Eppstein
  • NENI restaurant with an with East Mediterranean-Israeli menu inspired by Haya Molcho
  • Cinchona Bar with drinks by Jörg Meyer
  • Event area for up to 50 people; an incredible trainspotting lounge & sauna
  • iMac work stations
  • Free MINI– and Schindelhauer bicycle hire
  • Jogging corner, parking spaces
  • A kiosk on the ground floor, set up in cooperation with KEIN & ABER VERLAG
  • Free high-speed Wi-Fi in the entire hotel

The Universe

While entering the hotel, several architecturally well implemented open spaces support an atmosphere of exchange, friendliness, humor and freedom of (artistic) expression. A “tree of bags” certainly captures someones attention. 170 rooms in five categories welcome guests on the 1st to the 7th floors and feature design elements inspired by different themes from the red light district, the Belle Époque or big city life. I particularly like the wood as a dominant feature in the rooms as well as the photo wallpapers which adhere to the three themes of inspiration: they were designed using motifs by the Zurich photographer Nadja Stäubli. A highlight definitely is also the shower which is made of glass and is located in the middle of the room.

Werner Aisslinger showing me the “tree of bags”

Art in a pocket

Zurich is certainly a hotspot for art: especially the vibrant art scene in the immediate neighborhood inspires the unique Artist in Residence feature “Message Salon Embassy” by Esther Eppstein. I firstly had come across Esther Eppstein through my visit at the Dienstgebäude Art Space in Zurich, and it was definitely a great sign to find out that this inspiring person will head this incredible new project and develop the cultural programme for hotel.

Andy meets Esther Eppstein

Esther curates the project to provide artists from a broad variety of stylistic schools with space to work in a specially created atelier on the groundfloor of the hotel. They will be given free room and board in return for letting guests look over their shoulders as they work. According to 25hours CEO Christoph Hoffmann ‘The idea is taken from places like the Chelsea Hotel in New York or the Colombe D’Or in St Paul de Vence’. From my chat with the hotel’s designer, Werner Aisslinger, the unique furniture “Leihhaus”-element further contributes to the idea that the universe is shaped by the artists and the community, as if it is a “living organism.”

Entering the “Message Salon Embassy”


  • The Art which is EVERYWHERE you look, including Tobias Rehberger, Veli & Amos 
  • The Artist-in-residence programme (stay tuned while I report more soon)
  • The custom FREITAG “tree of bags” where according to my chat with Werner Aisslinger guests can hang their luggage
  • The trainspotting lounge
  • The humorous and open atmospheare which still Zurich has still potential  for more such places
  • The spirit, vision, attitude from the CEO to the simplest person involved
  • An “art” jungle full of friends, creativity, innovation and individuality
  • The outstanding blend of talents and brands, each perfectly complementing each other

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Take care & write to you soon.

Story rules! ADC Creative Week & Gala

As someone creative from nature and with an aim to support, explore and identify young artistic talent , I certainly had to attend the ADC Creative Week.

The ADC Switzerland held its annual Creative Week with the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) from 27 March to 1 April. National and international experts from the areas of art direction, illustration & graphic design, discussed topics related to this year’s motto “Story rules” including: Jessica Walsh, Mario Pricken, Paul Snowden, Domenico Blass and Javier Jaén. At the same time, the ADC judges publicly evaluated the submitted works.

The Creative Week took place at the premises of the ZHdK, while the gala took place at the Halle 622 in Zürich-Oerlikon, a breathtaking former factory building lit in pink colours. This year’s motto was “Unicorns & Explosions”, and it didn’t fail to impress.

“Unicorns & Explosions” at Halle 622

The jury, lead by ADC Switzerland President Frank Bodin, Advertiser of the Year 2009, evaluated 655 works and concluded to the following winners:
Gold :
HC Davos – Bandenbingo“ by FCB Zürich, category promotion & events
Kunstmusem Basel – Lichtfries“ by iart ag, category creative media
SWISS – Made of Switzerland” by Publicis, category photography & illustration
Tier im Recht – Müllsäcke“ by Ruf Lanz, category placards
Open Air Gampel” by Shining Pictures, category film

The only Evergreen award winner:
WOZ – Leisten Sie sich eine eigene Meinung“ by Leo Burnett

Stiftung Tier im Recht – Ruf Lanz – Anniversary campaign

Being recently named Ambassador of the Swiss Museums Pass, what particularly caught my attention was the „Kunstmusem Basel – Lichtfries“ . The facade of the new building for the Kunstmuseum Basel produces its effect through the symbiosis of stone and light: a three-metre-high frieze encircles the building at a height of twelve metres. The light frieze was designed by Christ & Gantenbein in collaboration with iart to be an integral part of the architecture.

Kunstmuseum Basel – Lichtfries

Moreover, I particularly liked the involvement of the students of the ZHdk in the Creative Week: the Department of Visual Communication created & designed the presence of the Creative Week. Cast Audiovisual Media documented the week & managed the social media channels, while the module Type & Motion created and produced all category-openers of the Awards Ceremony. 

Finally, I chatted to several stakeholders of the week, including creative Paul Snowden, one of the speakers. The main message I took away was that, no matter what you build or create, just do it. At the same time it is important not be afraid to try out new ventures: often they don’t work out, but sometimes they do.

Next event:

The opening vernissage of the ADC Web-App and Yearbook 2017 in cooperation with Migros and persönlich takes place Friday, 16. June from 18 to 21 o’clock at the ADC Gallery.  Save the date!

Take care & write to you soon.

Andy Rose signature2

Photos: Jan Bolomey

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