Andy meets Warhol recently visited Kunsthaus Zürich for the exhibition «2020: Obscene» of Zurich-based artist, performer and choreographer Alexandra Bachzetsis. The artist’s latest work is a combined exhibition and live performances that explores the relationship between the staging of the excessive body and its consumption by the coveting gaze.

‘Obscenity is not confined to sexuality, because today there is a pornography of information and communication (…) It is no longer the obscenity of the hidden, the repressed, the obscure, but that of the visible, all-too-visible.’

Jean Baudrillard, 1988

2020: Obscene

The idea for Alexandra Bachzetsis’s new piece came during the first lockdown; hence the reference to the year in its title. In it, she tackles extreme physical and emotional experiences, but also isolation and death. ‘2020: Obscene’ further investigates the possibilities of theatre with regard to seduction, attraction and games of sexual identity; and the performing body itself as a place manifesting the alienation and limitations of human existence. The performers are confronted with their own corporealities – with the contradictions between intuition and gesture, light and dark, score and script, as well as norm and form.

The exhibition runs until 01.05.


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