Beers Contemporary: Leonardo Ulian Exhibition 2013

Beers Contemporary: Leonardo Ulian Exhibition 2013: one of the most enlightening and captivating exhibitions I had the chance to attend in the past couple of months took place at Beers Contemporary Art. This new space built exclusively for art exhibitions is located one minute from the Old Street roundabout, an area full of history and close to the fashionable area of Hoxton, itself bursting with art galleries and restaurants. The area is also referred to as the “Silicon Roundabout”, owing to the existence of myriad tech companies thereabouts.

I visited Leonardo Ulian’s first solo exhibition entitled ‘Sacred Space’, which was composed of extraordinary symmetrical prints that were digitally mastered from computer components, circuitry and microchips. Ulian has adopted the complexly patterned Buddhist and Hindu enlightenment symbol to construct his own series of ‘mandalas’ from precisely arranged electrical materials. Through these new costructions, Ulian gives new life to these disused electrical components, a feeling of “metaphysical enlightenment” as mentioned by the artist himself. Coming in different shapes and placed over black and white backgrounds, each ‘mandala’ connected in a different manner to the individual. Interestingly, the artist used to be a technician before turning to art.

Ulian’s attention to detail and symmetry are stunning. When leaving the gallery I noticed a beautiful three-dimensional bonsai tree entitled ‘Centrica Bonsai’, placed strategically near the entrance of the gallery, and one of the many stunning pieces of Ulian’s showcase.


Made In Shoreditch: Music Factory 2013: Andy celebrated the unique music scene of Shoreditch last Friday at the Hoxton gallery. After two months of scouring London for the coolest and most innovative bands and solo artists, Made in Shoreditch: Music Factory picked the top 6 winners of the competition: Jingo, Rusty Boat, Malf, Izzy’s Daughter, Vita and the Vicious, Oscar Suave. This took place place at the Hoxton Gallery – a venue next to the old disused Shoreditch Tube Station. After closely ‘stuyding’ the event description Andy had high expectations for the event, which were not only fulfilled but also exceeded.



Upon arriving, the atmosphere was something that can hardly be put into words: let’s describe it as ‘the dramatic’. ‘Alive’ visualisations of Catharina Cronenberger Golebiowska combined objects such as machine fragments, spectral lenses or reflective materials with Catharina’s analogue videos, and the unique abstract expressionism art of Anna Laurini ideally complemented the diverse, different, and distinct yet incredible musical performances. Steven Quinn’s original prints were also exhibited, however Andy did not manage to take a look at them. Seismic vocals of Jingo, Izzy’s Daughter songs expressed an honest expression of the soul and love, whereas a couple of people were seen bouncing and enjoying themselves to the Vita And The Vicious performance. All performances of the evening were special and innovative.image


The event generally stayed true to its Shoreditch soul, uniqueness and urban edge. The people attending were very friendly and from all walks of life. Kudos to the The Made in Shoreditch team, who made sure that everyone had a good time and for making such a great selection of artists. Andy will continue to support true, inspirational and innovative talent in Shoreditch and such unique events.

You saw us on Tinder? Well, you clearly saw me at the Tinder Launch party in London. It was November 15th and I made my way to the Tinder Launch party at Cirque Le Soir for a cheeky night of fun and laughs, and more importantly spreading the word about Tinder-the hottest app in the world. Being one of the brand ambassadors, we all had to be early on at the venue, help in its organisation, talk to media reps and VIPs. The location to officially celebrate the launch of the Tinder App was Cirque Le Soir, the most exclusive, unique West-End club, which, in the past has rejected the likes of Justin Bieber.


Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 18.15.56new



Inspired by a circus setting that blended well with the whole Tinder launch party, the fun and playfulness of the dating process was underlined by dancers dressed as clowns, evil babies, scary pig masks as well as video games, photobooths and popcorn-machines.

Others would claim that the place looks like a school disco with many bright disco colours, curtains and a lot of red colour. A remarkable feature was the onsite massage from the Ibiza Angels staff as well as the collaboration with limousine service Uber. It was also good to watch different people open up and connect in public rather than just on the app. The feedback about the app was incredibly supportive, conversations were positive and people were friendly in communication, something that is not always the case in typical West End clubbing nights.image



Although the app has been around for several months in the UK, the launch proved a great occasion for everyone to talk about it again, mingle with other Tinderers and also to use social skills outside of the mobile world and in real life. The ones who came late were “punished” with queuing in the cold and some weren’t even able to get into the party.

Many thanks go to the professional handling of the event by the Cirque staff, the fine blending of the Tinder brand with the club, Whitney for giving me this opportunity, and the overall great attitude of the crowd that evening.

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