“Andy meets Warhol” was founded in 2016 by Andy Hermann and is part of the exchange and debate about art. The platform invites you to discover museum visits from all over Switzerland.

With the use of social media, “Andy meets Warhol” raises awareness for art in society and the cultural diversity of Switzerland. Also, it aims to inform, inspire and educate people with little to no relation to art and culture in an entertaining, interactive and innovative way.

The blog occasionally refers to the artist Andy Warhol and his philosophy. The name “Andy meets Warhol” comes from a play on words with the mutual first name of the artist Warhol and the founder of the platform, Andy Hermann. The verb “meets” stands for inspiring, authentic and honest encounters in the art world.

The platform has a non-profit character and is known for its collaboration with institutions such as the Kunsthaus Zürich, the Fondation Beyeler or the Aargauer Kunsthaus. Another cooperation exists with the MASI Lugano Museum. In 2017, MONOPOL magazine named “Andy meets Warhol” one of the world’s best Instagrams for contemporary art.