Dieses Zitat stammt vom US-amerikanischen Architekt, Innenarchitekt, Schriftsteller und Kunsthändler Frank Lloyd Wright. Dieses Zitat teilte ich auf Andy Meets Warhol und die Debatte wurde entzündet. Klicke auf den Post und lese unten einpaar spannende Meinungen.

Einpaar interessante Meinungen..

“Verkaufen ist Teilen und ich liebe dieses Gefühl❤️”

“Wenn Kunst verkauft werden muss, ist es Kapitalismus”


“Wenn es aus dem Nichts entsteht, ist es Kunst”


“Ich habe ungefähr 15 Jahre in High-End-Tätowierläden gearbeitet, also muss ich dem widersprechen.”


“Nein, tut es nicht! Ich habe das Gefühl, wenn ein Künstler nur für den Verkauf schafft, verliert das Werk seine Seele.”


“I strongly disagree. The art we produce is not greater than the artist which we are, for true art is not a thing but a practice and mastery, and we are not less the artist for lack of forming the idea into object for others to behold, for critics to judge, for galleries to grow wealthy from. We know this from books, from the written word, a book can be owned and not read, it can be shelved and not studied, it can be read completely and yet one may yearn for more, not having the imagination to continue the story all by oneself. I’ve already seen ten thousand paintings and sculptures in my mind. My gallery and studio is always open. My materials never run out, my brushes never wear, my chisels never dull. Wealth cannot own my art, my imagination, nor visualization or knowledge, it’s still in me, and always mine. But if you can see another’s work, and close your eyes and still see it, and truly know it, and build upon it, dwell inside it, walk its corridors, then it’s yours – and only then. Good artists borrow, great artists steal. – Picasso, said, astutely. But he limited his saying to the tangible. If you can do neither, your art is not visual artistry. Perhaps your art is something else however, and no less valuable. What an artist sells is like a token, it’s admission through the turnstile to ride the train of thought’s produce more intimately than another, for time with the object, and the payee’s time is limited, due this particular life is fatal, finite, you cannot buy more, and you cannot take your physical treasures with you when you die. The admission fee for the token of time with a static object pays the artist an operation fee to devote more time to imagine, study, believe, visualize and create, and often, produce more objects. We should consider this when looking at an object “for sale”, consider the partnership it entails, the sponsorship you can foster. But the object is really only necessary to facilitate financial resources, in order to devote more time to the art, if the artist desires them. Consider the hermit artist, building things no one seens until perhaps he’s gone. And eventually, it too will disintegrate; nothing lasts forever.”




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  1. Operation X says:

    Vielen Dank für dieses Zitat!


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