Recently, I attended the opening of the art space Saint Luke for the exhibition “Linking Two Spaces” showing works by Flavia Senn and Marianne Mueller.

Becoming a Saint

Art for Take-Away?

Everything about this space is unique. A former Take-Away has been transformed into an art space. The name: Saint Luke. Behind a newly mounted glass pane, installations, performances or sound works are exhibited. This temporary project is initiated by the Zurich University of the Arts (ZhDK) and is intended to make the work of the Department of Art and Media visible in the city.

Saint Luke
Saint Luke

Smoke & Himalaya Salt Dreams

During this one year residence, the curatorial duo Milena Langer and Samuel Haitz invite several artists and performers to showcase their work. Works by Flavia Senn and Marianne Mueller are currently exhibited. Part 1: SMOKE is an artwork by Marianne Mueller which makes it impossible to look through the newly mounted glass window. White smoke leaves the building above the glass window. Upon my chat with the curator, the smoke will slowly diminish, giving sight over the artwork “Himalaya Salt Dreams” (Part 2).

The neighbourhood

In Zurich’s Kreis 4 next to Zukunft Club, the neighbourhood is a colourful and diverse mix of clubs, bars, restaurants and a red light district. Particularly great: enabling passersby to take a view at the art, engaging and inviting people from all walks of life and backgrounds to interact with it.

Das Kuratorenduo Milena Langer und Samuel Haitz vor dem Kunstraum Saint Luke. Foto- Betty Fleck © ZHdK
The curatorial duo Milena Langer and Samuel Haitz in front of art space Saint Luke. Photo: Betty Fleck © ZHdK


Opening: 27.2.19, 6pm-8pm
This is an exhibition in two parts.
Part 1: Marianne Mueller, SMOKE, on view 27.2.19 – 6.3.19
Part 2: Flavia Senn: Himalaya Salt Dreams, on view 6.3.19 – 20.3.19

More information about Saint Luke and its program is available on


Can’t wait to explore further exhibitions at this space. Stay tuned!

Much love






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