Marko Markovic: Gallery Gara Perun – inauguration of the exhibition – on view from 6th September until 6th October

Zurich, Switzerland, 6th September 2018 – Gallery Gara Perun is pleased to present the works of Marko Markovic, on view for the first time in Zurich, Switzerland.

The inauguration of the exhibition will take place at Gara Perun Gallery, on Thursday 06th September from 06 till 09 PM. The works of Marko Markovic will be on the view until 06th October.

Marko Markovic was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1984, where he attended the faculty of Fine Arts at the department for Sculpture. He had several personal and group exhibitions in Belgrade, Graz, Novi Sad. Marko Markovic proposes a possibility of rethinking the discipline of sculpture, as a practice which could establish the presence, that of here and now.

Through relation of sculpture with its external referents, dissection of its historical heritage and a rejection of any mystique of creation, his aim is to construct a formal system, which will be able to generate autonomous objects and liberate artistic thought. Drawings that will be exhibited are part of the bigger series. All of these works originate from the approximately same date. They are not works of the art student, but they represent Marko’s unique art expression and determination of the sculpture. This is based on the argument that sculpture can achieve its autonomy and its own language only through the difference in relation to its outer referent. In this series of works, that referent are the inner organs of human body, more precisely their anatomy.



Drawings are sculpture projections. In this case, they represent genesis of form. Each of the works implies constitution of formation of the final model, which begins with simple geometric forms – ball, cup…The works are related to digestive organs – bowels. The geometric form chosen as the beginning point for construction of the work is torus – a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in three-dimensional space.

About the gallery

Gallery Gara Perun was opened in Zurich Switzerland in March 2018. The program of Gara Perun is situated in small temporary space in Predigerplatz 42, 8802 Zurich. The gallery is working on finding its place in the contemporary art world with consistent program of artists from Serbia and Ex-Yugoslavia in general. Since the art and art history of this region has mainly remained undiscovered or misinterpreted, due to the various political and social turbulences, gallery searches to present the rich diversity of the artworks coming from this region.

Gallery has a goal to act as a window on Balkan modern and contemporary art scene, as well as to broaden the intellectual dialogue between Balkan and Europe. Gara Perun promotes the artists they love through the showcase of their most valuable artworks. Gallery will maintain a diverse exhibition program with solo exhibitions of the gallery artists as well as group exhibitions and special projects. The gallery will deal in a distinctive combination of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video and installation-based work.


Predigerplatz 42, 8802 Zurich
Tel.+41 79 758 12 80


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