Winterthur – a fascinating, urban city in Switzerland with a significant industrial past in the machine industry: Winterthur was one of the homes of Switzerland’s rail industry. Together with the Winterthur photographer Nils Wachter, I explore the city, reproduce some of Warhol‘s iconic pictures and present to you, my lovely community, 6 tips of what to see there in the coming months.


1. Fotomuseum

If you like photography, this is the place to be in Switzerland. The museum offers a comprehensive collection of contemporary photographs from Swiss and foreign artists. Depending on the exhibition, it is well worth spending a day there and afterwards walk back to Winterthur train station through the quiet residential quarters nearby. Currently the museum features an exhibition by Jürgen Teller.

2. Kunstmuseum Winterthur

Exhibitions such as The Female Touch, Rembrand Operiert or Ferdinand Hodler – Alberto Giacometti are a definitely a reason to visit the museum.

3. Der Barfussweg

The barefoot path at the Walcheweiher. If you like nature and the woods as much as I do, then this is for you.

4. Jungkunst 2018

Halle 53, one of the most fascinating former industrial halls in the Sulzerareal hosts this exhibition: everything young Swiss artists can showcase will be shown there.

5. Erwin Schatzmann – Morgenland

Anyone entering “Morgenland in the east of Winterthur lands directly in a fabulous wonderland. On the 900 square meter area visitors can expect mythical creatures, natural goddesses and power animals.

6. Street Art, Views & everything in between

Between Aldi and McDonalds there is a graffiti wall which is frequently sprayed. More street art can be found behind the Kesselhaus; you can find the famous Winterthur graffiti there. For stunning views visit Goldenberg, Eschenberg or if in the centre, the top of the parking building next to Coop offers stunning views on its roof. Finally, for independent films and film screenings in the original language visit Kino Cameo and for a hangout Kraftfeld.

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