Spending the summer in Berlin, I explore the city’s street art with EGO Movement, the Red Dot Design winner is one of the most attractive e-bikes I know. In the following post, I present my Top 5 favourite Berlin street art murals as well as my experience with my EGO Movement bike.


My summer 2016 is definitely dedicated to Berlin, a city famous for its diverse variety of attractions, its thriving cultural scene and a way of life that’s both fast-moving and carefree. I have repeatedly experienced these aspects, while living in Berlin a couple of years ago, and during several visits to the city in recent years.

Berlin is also famous for it’s extensive “biking culture”, with the majority of Berliners possessing a bike. As I am often on the go to explore the city’s museums and streetart and ideally aim to reach my destination quickly & on time, I decided to choose the innovative, stylish EGO Movement bikes, a brand in outstanding design (EGO Movement’s models Man in Black & Cleopatra won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2016) designed in Switzerland. I am pictured with the Cäsar Model which I particularly like due to its unique copper finish.

What I particularly like about the bikes is that although being e-bikes, they are incredibly sleek from a design point of view ( I especially like the leather design features and the battery, which can be removed from the bikes for charging), while they offer a high-quality motor performance and possess an individualistic feature. More technical details online.

Photos were taken in a backyard in Kreuzberg, maybe in one of Berlin’s most iconic and vivid neighbourhoods.

The bikes can be purchased online or in the concept store «EGO Movement» in Berlin (Blücherstr. 23 10961 Berlin) or in Zürich Kreis 11 Store Hagenholzstrasse 71 8050 Zürich &  Zürich Kreis 5 Store Geroldstrasse 23 8005 Zürich

Photography by:

Take care & write to you soon.


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