Everyone has heard in one way or another of Frida Kahlo. No doubt, Frida has over the year developed into an icon of art and Mexican culture. But if that is not enough, Frida has become a significant influence to art, music and self-expression. According to Andre Breton, “Frida Kahlo’s art was like a ribbon…wrapped around a bomb.”

Influences to her art are filled with physical as well as emotional pain and date back from her early years: as a teenager, where Frida was a victim of a serious car accident. She thus expressed through her work the idea that out of pain can come positive energy. I think this fact is an inspiration to everyone: regardless how much pain you have suffered, always try to look on the bright side, stay strong and have faith.

Frida’s huge appetite for life and love can be recognised through her passionate relationship with painter Diego Rivera: it has been named one of the greatest, if not most unusual, love affairs ever. Despite her physical pain, she was very open to love & life.

What I find particularly fascinating, is that Frida’s paintings are very open and honest, combining true emotion, heartbreak, love, depression and life, as well as death.

The fact that art acted for Frida as a “remedy” for her pain is further considerable: painting was her way of confronting and coping with it, but not a means of distraction. In addition, her strong self-discovery, humbleness & fearless thinking are certainly an inspiration to me.

Below is just a small selection of them as well photographs from her life, which I found through online research.
download (2)self-portrait-along-the-boarder-line-between-mexico-and-the-united-statesroots20121219Frida-Kahlo-80-801x1024download (1)pablo-ortiz-monasterio-exhibition-frida-kahlo-her-photospablo-ortiz-monasterio-exhibition-frida-kahlo-her-photos-6

Photos: http://www.fridakahlo.org, Pinterest, Google Images

Take care & write to you soon.


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