Wojttek: Painting – myself

I had the pleasure to attend Wojttek’s: Painting – myself Vernissage. This interesting art exhibition took place at the KweekWeek Hub, an events and exhibiton venue located minutes from Angel and Old Street stations in London and is a former printing warehouse. The vernissage was sponsored by the KCL Arts Society, whose purpose is to support those who have creative talent or are passionate about art.


Walking down the Hub, the atmosphere was electric. Immaculately lit and presented, the paintings of Wojttek glowed, while Polish hip hop added to the incredible vibe. The mission was accomplished: independent, uncompromising and against the grain as Wojttek considers himself and his work.



The exhibition included twenty two paintings created between summer of 2012 and summer of 2013. A composition of colours, female contours, spinal cords, symbols, unique techniques, colour contrasts, depth like a “window” could be recognized.


Andy particularly liked the paintings called Contrast attempts, Dorothy Remembrance and Dorothy Signs. These aimed to depict Wojttek’s truth and experiences, including influences from recent work influenced by women, colours and nature as well as work from his time at the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw. This impression and impact the art had on the observer was incredibly influenced by the fantastic interpretation of art curator Agatha Korbus. All, in all a very interesting composition of art and Andy is committed to cover more upcoming artists for future.


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