Cartel Movement is a monthly, invite-only party with a revolutionary format created by the founders of Bacanal.image

Last Friday, I followed the Cartel movement to this “hidden” secret night, which took place at Hide London. The venue did not fail to impress, as did the outstanding VOID sound system, which amplified Tough Love, Denney and Adam Banks sets.

I found this club quite different to many of it Mayfair and West End counterparts, focusing on deep house music with a more laid-back atmosphere. This is complemented by the cool, friendly people, helpful staff and unicorn dancers. The space itself is a stunner, with design and decoration details all over (do not miss the heart toilets!) and dark lighting, which suits the deep house tunes very well.

I loved that people were passionate about the music, very friendly and ready to dance. Tough Love’s tunes were particularly impressive, though Adam Banks and Denney were also soundcatchers, and made many people dance all through the night. All in all another great Cartel Movement – looking forward to the next!


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